2023-24 Le Mars Community High School Curriculum Guide

P a g e | 34  SPANISH 2 (NCAA) Course Length: 1 Year Credits: 2 Prerequisite: Completion of Spanish 1 Grade Level: 10, 11, 12 An elective full-year course to help you further develop an understanding of the Spanish language. Speaking Spanish in the class is greatly encouraged as well as the continuation of listening, writing and reading. Your studies will be expanded from the textbook to additional writing, TV and literature to increase your understanding of Spanish. Your future job opportunities in many fields could be greatly increased by studying Spanish. SPANISH 3 (NCAA) Course Length: 1 Year Credits: 2 Prerequisite: Completion of Spanish 2 Grade Level: 11, 12 An elective full-year course which is taught primarily in Spanish at levels appropriate to your understanding. We will explore the Hispanic culture of the United States and other nations, while increasing your speaking and writing abilities. SPANISH 4 (NCAA) Course Length: 1 Year Credits: 2 Prerequisite: Completion of Spanish 3 Grade Level: 12 An upper level course designed to help students attain fluency in Spanish. We will work extensively with Spanish speaking and writing as well as listening and reading comprehension using texts, books and authentic materials. Students should plan on taking CLEP or placement tests at the universities to attempt receiving college credit after completion of this course. HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION (P.E./S.C & Personal & Family Health - Required ) HEALTH CARE Course Length: 1 Semester Credits: 1 Prerequisite: Personal and Family Health Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 Health Care is a semester course in which you will learn about many health issues facing our world today and talk about how to prevent and control many of our nation’s leading problems. We will study mental health, fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, first aid, and health careers. This class will involve a lot of student participation on a regular basis. You will have two formal presentations to give to the class over a health topic. You will also do a “Peer Teaching” group activity where you will be teaching a health lesson to the class. This class will provide many opportunities for interaction and discussion on some very important topics we all face. PERSONAL AND FAMILY HEALTH Course Length: 1 Semester Credits: 1 Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 It is strongly recommended you take this course your freshman year. This class fulfills one of your graduation requirements . You will explore how family life and relationships affect your health and your family's health. Units covered include emotional and social health (the way we feel and get along with others), substance abuse and non-use (alcohol, drugs, and smoking), family life, prevention and control of diseases, and body systems. You will also go through CPR training during this course which is also a graduation requirement. Please bring with you an open mind as we discuss a wide variety of important topics.