2023-24 Le Mars Community High School Curriculum Guide

P a g e | 33  CULINARY ARTS Course Length: 1 Semester Credits: 1 Prerequisite: Foods & Nutrition or 21 st Century Foods Grade Level : 10, 11, 12 This is an advanced foods class designed to expand your knowledge and experience in working with foods. Students will have the opportunity to work with the modern equipment including commercial appliances. Importance will be placed on cooking techniques, recipe trends, food preparation skills, and gourmet cooking. When there are opportunities, the class will work on project that involve skills of preparing food for customers. The students will also explore and develop skills essential to a career in culinary arts. Tasting food is required in this class. FOODS & NUTRITION Course Length: 1 Semester Credits: 1 Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 This class is basically a laboratory and consumer class. After studying the background of each type of food, students will prepare either suggested foods or foods of their own choice. Food preparation techniques and safety and sanitation are emphasized. Major units are designed around different food categories and will include food careers. Evaluation will be written and performance based, including technique and final product. Tasting food is required in this class. SINGLE LIVING Course Length: 1 Semester Credits: 1 Grade Level: 11, 12 Single Living is a comprehensive class designed to help you meet the challenges of daily life with confidence. It provides you with the basic information you need to balance work and family life in today’s world. It will help you develop a range of skills related to communication, finding housing, clothing care, financial skills and food & nutrition. FOREIGN LANGUAGES (Elective Credits) The majority of people your age in the developed countries of the world speak at least two languages – it is expected and it comes naturally. Your school offers you an opportunity to learn Spanish. By learning another language, you learn about your own language and culture through perspective. Additionally, many colleges and universities require a foreign language. For example, the University of Iowa requires two years for admittance and has a graduation requirement of four years of one language for most degrees. Completion of four years of a world language in high school satisfies this requirement. SPANISH 1 (NCAA) Course Length: 1 Year Credits: 2 Prerequisite: For incoming 9 th grade students, a proficient language arts score in Iowa Assessments is recommended. Grade Level: 9,10,11,12 In this course you will study basic words, phrases, and grammar of the Spanish language. We will emphasize spoken communication and listening throughout the program, as well as begin work on reading and writing in Spanish. The customs and cultures of Spanish-speaking nations will also be explored.