2023-24 Le Mars Community High School Curriculum Guide

P a g e | 29  CYBERSECURITY 1 Course Length: 1 Semester Credits: 1 Grade Level: 10, 11, 12 This class introduces cybersecurity concepts and skills through a variety of activities and discussions. Cybersecurity lays the foundation of basic understanding of cyber law and policy, Linux, networking technology basics, risk management, cryptography, and a variety of essential cybersecurity tools. PYTHON 1 Course Length: 1 Semester Credits: 1 Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 The Python 1 curriculum is a deep dive into the fundamentals of programming concepts and teaches text-based coding using Python. In this course, students are exposed to graphics-based problem solving because it is visually engaging, allows for multiple correct solutions, and provides visual cues when a solution goes awry. No prior coding experience necessary. ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS (8 Credits Required) COLLEGE COMPOSITION 1 – ENG 105 (NCAA) COLLEGE COMPOSITION 2 – ENG 106 (NCAA) COLLEGE INTRO TO LITERATURE – LIT101 (NCAA) CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT (Purchase of Textbook Required) Course Length: 1 Year Credits: 3 LCHS, 9 WITCC Grade Level : 12 This class, known as “College English,” is divided into three trimester courses: Composition 1, Composition 2, and Introduction to Literature. Comp 1 will help students prepare for the ACTs and for basic college writing. Comp 2 focuses on research paper writing. The third trimester will introduce students to many aspects of literature, with a focus on short stories. By the end of College English, seniors will be prepared for college writing and will earn 9 credits able to transfer to four-year schools. CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE (NCAA) Course Length: 1 Semester Credits: 1 Elective/Required: Required Option Grade Level: 11, 12 (10 th grade students with teacher approval) Students in this course will read late twentieth century and twenty-first century literature of various genres including, but not limited to historical fiction, fantasy, memoir, biography, science fiction, and suspense/thriller. Students will analyze the components of each genre and apply them to the assigned book. Students taking Contemporary Literature can expect a writing component to this class as well.