2023-24 Le Mars Community High School Curriculum Guide

P a g e | 13  NCAA Approved Core Courses English Math Science Social Studies Foreign Language College Composition 1 Algebra Anatomy American Government Spanish 1 College Composition 2 Algebra 2 Biology American History Spanish 2 College Introduction to Literature Algebra 3 Chemistry Citizens & the Constitution Spanish 3 Contemporary Literature College Algebra I EYW: Engineering Design and Analysis College Western Civilization 1 & 2 Spanish 4 Creative Writing College Calculus General Science Current Events Early American Literature College Pre-Calculus Human Physiology Economics Freshman English College Statistics Physics Iowa History Fundamentals of Speech Geometry Modern American History Junior English Modern Algebra 1 Psychology 1 & 2 Literature and Composition: Dramatic Literature Modern Algebra 2 Sociology Modern American Literature Modern Geometry Voting and Elections Senior Composition World History Sophomore English World Literature