2023-24 Le Mars Community High School Curriculum Guide

P a g e | 10  LCHS GRADING POLICY Purpose of Grades: to communicate students’ learning progress to students, parents, teachers, and administrators Concurrent enrollment courses will need to follow WITCC grading guidelines as these are college classes. Grading Scale: All teachers at LCHS will use the following grading scale: Teachers will not round up on summative assessments when entering grades or at the end of the quarter. However, they may round up for semester grades. For example, a grade of 89.5 could result in an A- at semester. Grading System: All quarter/semester/trimester grades will be determined through a weighted categories system. Formative assessments will be weighted 20%. Summative assessments will be weighted 80%. Because curriculum is so different from subject to subject, teachers should meet within departments to decide how to divide the 85% of the summative category. (For example, 20% quizzes, 25% projects, 40% tests) Late Work for Students in Class or Gone for School Activities: All students can learn. To ensure academic success, teachers assign students daily work, projects, and other assessments which students are required to complete. Students who turn in work after a teacher’s deadline will earn only 80% of their score. After one week, students may earn only 60% of their score. Sometimes a student is unable to complete work on time due to lack of understanding, extra-curricular activities, family issues, or work. In such a case, the teacher may offer the student an extra 24 hours to complete the work and submit it to the teacher with no penalty. (This grace period will be available at each teacher’s discretion.) After 24 hours, the student will earn only 80% of their score. After one week, students may earn only 60% of their score. Late Work for Students Gone Unexpectedly: When an absence occurs that was not anticipated, all school assignments must be made up within the number of school days missed plus two (2). A student who misses only on the day of a test or quiz may be required to make up the test or quiz the day he/she returns. An extension of makeup time may be granted by the administration. Extra Credit: Teachers will not give extra credit. Summative Retakes: Any student who wishes to retake a summative assessment to earn a higher grade and show greater learning may do so by gaining the instructor’s permission and meeting the course criteria, which may include doing extra practice and having all assignments/quizzes completed prior to the retake assessment. The student must complete the retake within two weeks of the original date of the assessment given in class. The teacher will use the higher assessment grade to calculate the term grade. A 93-100 C 73-76 A- 90-92 C- 70-72 B+ 87-89 D+ 67-69 B 83-86 D 63-66 B- 80-82 D- 60-62 C+ 77-79 F 00-59