November 2018

Page 4 The Dog Pound Happy fall, y’all! The calendar has flipped to another month, the wind has a bit of a bite to each gust, and the leaves are nearly gone. It is officially fall, and to many, this dark dreary season is a perfect time to watch scary movies. LCHS boasts many horror fans. What they watch and the way they watch differs depending on the person. Senior Abbie Duhn, junior Onur Ozcullo, sophomore HannahAlbert, freshmen Kylie Martin and Payton McShane agree that they prefer watching with friends. Others choose to watch with a pet. Sophomore Summer Gollhofer watches with her dog, while senior Kim Arreola watches with her hamster. However, English teacher Jodi Richey said she watches alone because her children are too young and her husband does not enjoy them. Senior Matlyn Krogman also goes solo because, according to her, her friends are wimps. Almost all concur that watching at night with a pile of snacks within reach is the way to go, but choosing which movie to flip on can be a harder decision. Albert and McShane agree that newer movies such as A Quiet Place and Flatliners are Halloween favorites. The classic horror movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th have no competition, Arreola and Senior Brock Voorhees both claim. Duhn said she prefers to keep the mood light while watching Hocus Pocus. Krogman said, “Any of the Halloween movies, duh,” are must watches, “except for Halloween III: Season of the Witch because it doesn’t even have Michael Myers in it.” Thrillers, horror comedies, and slashers are the most picked genres at LCHS. It can be frustrating to watch a character in a horror movie walk directly into danger. Students wish they could sit in the director’s chair and produce their idea of a perfect film. Voorhees said he would write his own horror movie about people being possessed while being completely oblivious to what is happening to them. Clowns would be the focus of Martin and Gollhofer’s movies while Krogman claimed she would write her own cheesy slasher. Richey said, “Because I really enjoy thrillers, mine would definitely be about something real that people could relate to on a personal level.” She continues, “I think the more the plot relates to a person’s life, the scarier it is because our mind can create all the possibilities of the situation actually occurring to us.” It is hard to deny that nomatter what type of horror movie is on, adrenaline begins to pump and everyone gets a little jumpy. To calm themselves down, most everyone watches funny movies or Youtube videos afterward. If that still is not enough to slow the heart rate, Krogman gave good advice on the subject: “The best way to recover is by remembering most of these movies aren’t based on true events. If they are, you have to remember that Hollywood likes to over- exaggerate everything.” Horror movies spook students and staff; spark new film ideas by Abby Foster by Nicole Betsworth Page 5 The Dog Pound Volleyball team makes lasting memories by Kara Ahlrich Volleyball is a sport where individuals can play as one and make bonds that last a lifetime. The 2018 team consisted of 36 girls: 13 on the freshman squad, 13 on junior varsity, and 13 on varsity. Some girls played on both freshman and JV; and some played on JV and varsity. The freshman record for the season was 7-15; JV’s was 8-20; the varsity finished 12-25. Although the varsity season did not go as planned, the players and coaches enjoyed it very much as they created many fun memories and bonding moments. During the season, Coach Susan Irwin stated, “My goal for the rest of the season is to continue to improve with every team we have to play. Also, I wish that the players continue to be great teammates and support each other as the season continues and after it ends.” “The team will be losing two amazing seniors, Haylee Cooper and Kara Ahlrich, that helped the team in various ways,” explained Coach Irwin. “We will be losing two great leaders but they have given the upcoming players many lessons and advice to perform to their best abilities.” Senior Haylee Cooper said, “I am so glad I got to play the game I love most with some of the best girls and coached by the best coaches in the world over the last four years. I [made] some amazing memories that I will never forget.” Senior Kara Ahlrich stated, “I have thoroughly enjoyed playing my last four years with such amazing people. I will forever have a spot in my heart for those girls and the memories we created.” Many of the volleyball players enjoyed the chemistry the team had through the whole season. They all got along very well and made many fun memories that they will never forget. The team could work on many things for next season. The majority said that they need to put all their individual talents together and work as a team. Brooke Haage stated, “The team needs to work on showing up to play every game no matter who the competition is.” Pypr Stoeffler said, “Our team could work on giving 100% at practice all the time.” Many improvements could be made, but overall the volleyball team had a great season according to all the players and coaches. During the season, Haylee Cooper broke two school records. She achieved 1002 career digs from 2016-2018 and 519 season digs this 2018 season. Brooke Haage carried out 1000 assists for the season of 2017-2018. Brooke Haage, Jecenta Sargisson, and Pypr Stoeffler were named 2nd Team All- Conference. Haylee Cooper and Maddi Pippett were named All- Conference Honorable Mention. Team awards include the following: Brooke Haage won the Sportsmanship Award. Kara Ahlrich and Maddi Pippett won the Players’ Award. Kady Leusink, Brooke Haage, and Jecenta Sargisson won the Ultimate Practice Player Award. Kara Ahlrich won the Spirit Award. The upcoming pre-calculus and calculus students are required to purchase brand new books. New books are required to keep the books updated and because the old ones are falling apart. These college classes go through the WIT program. According to upper-level math teacher Colleen Bortscheller, WIT prefers new books about every seven years. Even though the school is demanding new books, the students are responsible for having to purchase them. Bortscheller reports that a brand new pre-calculus book costs $257, but other cheaper options are available, such as renting, buying a used one, or buying a paperback version. A calculus book is somewhat cheaper, costing $217, but again alternatives are possible. The same version is on Amazon for $120, a used paperback is $40, or another option is to rent, which is only $19 per year. While most students still do not know they have to purchase brand new books, students who were asked were stunned and alarmed by the price of a new pre-calc/calc book. Junior Maddi Pippett said with a shock, “Well, it looks like I am getting a used paperback version.” Many students are trying to avoid the cost. “My mom might have to pay for it; that’s too much money for me,” sophomore Abby Hoss stated. Sophomore Kylie Dreckman said, “I was just going to use my sisters, but I guess my mom will have to pay for it.” Junior Tate Westhoff said, “What the heck?! I am not buying a new one. I guess I will go without a book!” Many upcoming pre- calculus and calculus students think it is unfair that they have to buy brand new books, when other classes got them for much cheaper. However, seniors are thrilled they got their books for cheap. Senior Kara Ahlrich said, “I feel great! I only spent $5 on both books combined.” Senior Haley Majerers got an even better deal. She said, “I got them for free, so it was pretty nice.” Pre-calc/calc book costs worry students by Ellie Beitelspacher Marching band is an extra activity students can be involved in at LCHS. The band has practices for a week in the summer before school starts to get a head start on the music. About 122 dedicated people were in the marching band this fall. Not only does the band practice during the summer but also at 7:30 am every other day and every other Friday. The band marches in three different types of activities: Saturday all-day competitions like Starfest, Dutchman, and State; parades including the homecoming parade and the Gehlen parade; and half-time shows at Friday night games. In marching band, the musicians have several responsibilities. They must memorize several pieces of music as well as each spot on the field where they need to stop to create a formation. To ensure a good show, band director Curt Ohrlund tests the students on their ability to play their parts without looking at the sheet music. Everything has to be memorized very quickly. Marching band also consists of a color guard (flags). Currently the band has 16 members of the flag corps. Students do not have to be in band to try out for this activity. Most students enjoyed the music this year. Senior Kaley Twinn said, “The music [was] good, but [I would have liked] more movement to test our abilities.” Ohrlund said, “I’m very proud of the work that the students did in marching band this year. We had a great season!” At state competition, the band earned a I rating. At Starfest, they received the Outstanding Marching and Manuevering Award. Ohrlund was assisted by Randy Benton, field direction; Mary Benton, percussion; and Emily Kellen, flags. The band loves to have fun, including the directors, but marching season gets very serious and nerve racking at times. Senior flag corps performer Shai-Lyn Klingbeil was asked if the band is like a family to her. She responded,“Yes, form the penguin!” Marching band season requires dedication and memorization skills Varsity volleyball team...front: Haylee Cooper, Kara Ahlrich; 2nd row: Maddi Pippett, Jecenta Sargisson, Bella Christians, Alex Collins, Kady Leusink, Brooke Haage; 3rd row: Alyssa Williams, Karlee Schiff, Kylie Dreckman, Kelsey Feuerhelm, Pypr Stoeffler, Alivia Van Otterloo. Fall is here, and along with it comes many fun activities. Sophomore Summer Gollhofer said,”My favorite fall activity is football cheerleading; it is a great team-building and trust- building sport. Not only that, but I get to cheer on the football team every Friday and have tons of fun with my team!” Junior Rose Ryan said,”My favorite fall activity has to be marching band, even though it was super cold this season!” Other than school, multiple students had ideas similar to senior Danika Cruz. “Pumpkin patches. 100% punkins,” she explained. Math teacher Lori Carter said that she enjoyed watching football in the fall. Riayn Hoebelheinrich said, “My favorite fall activities are jumping in leaf piles or just hanging out with my friends, being able to wear my hoodies and sweatpants”. Fall is most commonly associated with Halloween. Senior Wiar Wia stated that his favorite Halloween activity is “spooky women”. Senior Hannah Franksen- Small stated that her favorite activity was watching scary movies. Junior Fernanda Beltran said,“My favorite [fall] activity is watching the leaves change color; I just think its really beautiful”. Some students prefer Halloween while others like Thanksgiving. Franksen-Small said,”, enough said.” Wia agrees with Hannah that Thanksgiving is the best, “because FOOD.” On the contrary Cruz said,”Halloween of course, because it’s cool brah,”. Sophomore Georgia Aduddell agrees: “I’m a picky eater, so Halloween of course.” by Isabel Aduddell Students recount favorite fall activities