Graduation Issue May 2018

Page 3 Abused children need help by Breanna Martin Each year more than 3.6 million referrals are made to a child protection agency, and 73% of abused children who die, die from neglect. As many children get abused each and every day, some parents do not even know because children are afraid to tell parents. Sometimes it is the parents that are abusing them. If you are or know someone who is getting abused, please tell someone. You can even keep your identity a secret. With everything that is going on in the world, not everything is noticed. Many children are afraid to tell someone what has happened to them. Some of them are lying in a hospital bed. Thankfully children can do many things to get help like tell parents, the police, or teachers, call a hotline, and so much more. Children have to have the courage to tell someone and that can be really hard. We can make a difference in someone’s life by standing up for what we know and by not being afraid of telling someone what is happening. We can adopt children or get them the help they need. Almost every day five children die from child abuse and neglect. We must lower that number. School lunches provide students healthy meals The National School Lunch Program was started in 1946 when it was established under the National School Lunch Act signed by President Truman. Since then, school lunches have changed in many ways with the goal to get students to eat a good meal each day. According to ConAgra Foodservice, school lunches are important for several reasons. Students who eat the lunches are more likely to be at a healthier weight. School meals contain no more than 30 percent of calories from fat and less than ten percent of calories from saturated fat. In addition, sodium has been reduced 20 percent, and many schools offer more than the required two fruits and vegetables. Parents, school cooks, and students around the United States are trying to find a way to make the food even better so more students will eat at school. Most students who do not eat school lunch say they would prefer bigger portions, more variety in flavor, and more options. A survey done by the New York Times showed that students all over the United States gave some of the same reasons why they do not like the lunches. Students stated that they do not care how many calories are in the lunch; they just want to have a meal that will get them through the rest of the school day. In high school, students have the opportunity to participate in many sports. Sports that are offered at Le Mars Community are football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, bowling, track, golf, tennis, softball, and baseball. Just like any other high school, some sports at LCHS are favored and supported more than others. A survey was sent out to every student in the high school, and 50 responses were recorded. Every student surveyed thinks some sports are supported more than others. Now students come up with many excuses on why they may not support a certain sport, and the most common answers is, “This is boring.” Many sports at Le Mars Community are supported more than others. In the survey, students were allowed to pick which sports they thought were supported more in the high school. The bottom three sports that do not receive enough support and recognition were bowling, golf, and cross country. The top three sports were football, volleyball, and boys’ basketball. Some sports are supported more because certain types of games are more intense. Most of the time, the opposing school has a student section that fans are able to face off with. Football and basketball are also very intense sports. In both sports a lot of hands on behavior is present and with more aggression, unlike a softball or baseball game. Some sports may not receive a lot of support by other students because they are involved in a different activity that takes place the same time. For example, I was involved in volleyball so I was not able to go to cross country meets because I was always at practice. Track, golf, and tennis all start up around the same times so it may be difficult for students to show support because they may be involved in one of those sports. Once the school year is over, summer begins and so do the summer sports, softball and baseball. In the summer everyone is busy, so not a lot of students show the softball and baseball teams support. The athletes understand that students like to go on vacations or up to the lakes during the summer, and because of that, many students can not attend every activity. Other students work many hours during the summer and do not have the time or energy to attend a sport event. Although summer athletes get little support from their classmates, high school students should start supporting both the softball and baseball teams because they both have great teams that can end up doing big things this upcoming season. The students that wished baseball and softball were supported more said that it all starts with having a good looking field and concession stand for more students to attend. The boys have a fantastic field with new fencing while the girls’ team does not. To many students surveyed, the baseball team looks more supported just by looking at the field and dugouts. In addition, the concession stand and the announcement booth are both very small and old. Students would love to see them get redone. Summer athletes would love more support this year by classmates showing up to the games, keeping up to date with all sports, and cheering at home and away meets. Technology can help learning by Autum Wessling by Alyssa Hoebelheinrich Summer ball athletes look for more fan support by Chandler Grosenheider Many classrooms depend on technology for many different uses. Technology (cell phones and computers for this editorial) can be used for research, playing games, and working on any sort of homework assignment during class. Technology should only be used to enhance the learning for students when in class. Technology in the classroom sometimes distracts students from a lesson, especially with cell phones. Many students are more inclined to immediately see the light or hear the sound of a cell phone. These sounds and lights help students become distracted from the actual task they are working on or the lesson that is being taught. According to the website, Oxford Learning, students check their cell phones more than 11 times a day in the classroom. Students that look at their phones during class cause a distraction to themselves, their peers, and even the teacher. It is even more distracting when the teacher has to remind students to put their phones away several times. Technology is also distracting when it is used for cyberbullying throughout the school. If students are more worried about who is saying mean things about other people on social media, it will cause them to lose focus on lessons and homework. Technology can be good in the classroom for when it is being used right. Students can download educational apps. This can be beneficial when they are actually using the app instead of being on social media apps. Technology is helpful for teachers when they are able to incorporate social media into a lesson to keep students interested. Finally technology is useful since it allows students to learn even more about a topic through research. The use of technology in a classroom should be used when enhancing learning and when it is involved to incorporate a different type of lesson. Students and teachers should limit the amount of cell phones and computers unless it is benefitting the students in the class.