Graduation Issue May 2018

Page 2 The Dog Pound People may wonder if electronics like phones, computers, iPads, xbox, ect. have become a distraction to children and if they are spending too much time on them. Electronics do not seem to be a distraction when it comes to learning, but children are spending too much time on electronics outside of school. Children are spending too much time indoors watching tv, playing Xbox, or spending time on their phones. Today’s generation has grown up and been raised around technology; we know nothing outside of that world. Electronics have become a way for us to communicate, pass time, educate ourselves, and even get us where we need to go. Children need to start communication with their friends and family in other ways than over text or calls, perhaps by actually talking to them in person and carrying on a conversation with them. More time needs to be spent outside running around, riding bikes or playing on the playground, rather than inside on the couch on some sort of electronic. Parents also need to start pushing their children to be outside and start setting limits on how much time can be spent on any kind of electronic. Electronics are one reason so many younger age children lack being able to socialize easily. According to Cris Rowan, who is a pediatric occupational therapist, biologist, speaker, and author, children under twelve should not use handheld devices for multiple reasons. Some of those reasons are rapid brain growth which could cause autism, delayed development, sleep deprivation, mental illness, aggression, epidemic obesity, digital dementia which is a breakdown in cognitive abilities, addictions, radiation emission which scientists say could potentially cause cancer, and unsustainability causing children to fall behind in different areas. Children of all ages spend different amounts of time on electronics. Research done by World Economic Forum shows children ages eight to twelve spend four and a half hours on electronics while teens thirteen to eighteen spend six and a half hours. Clearly, technology use has become a problem. As a solution, parents should push their kids to play outside on a regular basis. Parents should also put a limit on how much time their children are allowed to spend on electronics daily. *Logan Lancaster, DMACC *Austin Lang, ISU *Matthew Langel, UNI *SummerLaPato, Dordt *Isaac Lerdal, Work, then NCC *Katelyn Lewis, USD *Sydney Louison, Iowa Central *Jack Loutsch, ISU *Tyler Lowe, Military *Wylie Ludwigs, WITCC *Alexander MaComb, Work *Alexis Maddox, Work in Illinois *Madison Mahan, UNI *Breanna Martin, Le Mars Beauty College *Katie McAllister, UNI *Grace Milbrodt, Simpson *Samantha Murra, USD *Baylee Needs, Iowa *L.J. Olson, Work *Dakotah Owens, Neb. Methodist *Elizabeth Parks, Undecided *Austin Parrott, Navy *Caitlynne Peters, Undecided *Ty Pick, WITCC *Gavin Pippett, WITCC *Dawson Poeckes, Work in Denver *Will Pottebaum, ISU / Morningside *Katy Pratt, ISU *Dylan Rarrat-Kass, DMACC *Katelyn Raymond, Iowa *Shelby Reeves, Online School *Trevor Renken, Iowa *Hannah Richardson, WITCC *Alec Rieken, Online/ASU *Jack Ruhland, ISU *Giselle Sanchez, UNLV/SDSU *Kyle Schallau, ISU *Shelby Scheitler, ISU *Kennedy Schilmoeller, Work *Jennifer Schneider, Buena Vista *Addalyn Schroeder, Undecided *Sydney Schurr, DMACC *Halie Schwartz, USD *BrendonSitzmann, WITCC *Zachary Spieler, Wayne State *Luke Sudtelgte, Dakota State *Tyler Szczech, USD *WhitneyTen Napel, SDSU *Lexi Thompson, WITCC *Sierra Thompson, ISU *Andrew Tonner, Loyola or Neb. *Justin Tyler, ISU *Samual Vacura, ISU *April Vasquez, UNI or Iowa *Rogelio Velasquez, Work *Caden Washburn, ISU *Andrew Waskow, ISU *Noah Watson, ISU *Jayden Weiler, Northern Arizona *Tyson Weiler, Iowa *Autum Wessling, SDSU *Brooke Westhoff, Iowa *Abigail Whiddon, WITCC *Stephanie Williams, WITCC *Jayden Wiltgen, USD *Hannah Wood, USD/BVU *Chad Zenk, WITCC *Brandon Zimmerman, Work then College Editor’s Note: Several student editorials are included in this issue of the Dog Pound . They represent the opinions of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the opinions of Le Mars Community Schools or its administration, staff, or other students. Children need to leave the digital world and go outside once in awhile by Anna Ahlrich Soon-to-be graduates show off their college/military plans on their last official day of school. Please excuse their squinting. Their futures are very bright, and some forgot to wear sunglasses. :-)