March Finished Draft

Page 7 The Dog Pound H vs H presentations prepare seniors for college Seniors taking College English with Mrs. P (Sherri Permeswaran) know all about History v. Hollywood. This research project encourages seniors to compare based-on-a-true-story movies with history. In the 25-30 minute presentations, students critique historical events and elements, as well as cinematography. Movie clips help seniors compare and contrast the movie and real life. Students could select almost any movie; topics range from sports to war to horror to adventure to comedy; nearly every genre is covered. “The purpose of H vs H is to prepare students for the future,” explained Mrs. P. “Being able to complete a massive project by managing their time, researching, writing, and practicing for a lengthy presentation, will help them be successful in college and the work force.” Some students had more time to work on their projects than others, depending on what days the students chose to present. Before work began, Mrs. P. had students rank their top 10 dates. Presentations are usually given Thursdays and Fridays. They started February 22 and will continue through May 4. Kody Koerselman stated, “I got my second choice in what day to present [April 19], but it is a good thing because I am very unprepared. Go, Dogs!” Along with presenting comes procrastination. Some students wait until the last possible moments to finish their scripts and make a PowerPoint, but not Jack Ruhland. Jack stated that he was “on top of it” referring to his project. Grace Milbrodt was one of the first people to present; afterwards she said, “I am glad that it is over, so I don’t have to worry about it. The whole presenting part wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be, either.” Grace chose Coco Chanel and dressed up to bring life to her presentation. The seniors have the opportunity of earning a couple extra points on the final grade by dressing up as a movie character or in an outfit that goes along with the movie. Senior Baylee Needs said, “I will be dressing up because I might need those extra points after my presentation!” Seniors seen wearing weird outfits these last couple of months are probably doing so for History vs Hollywood. Or they are just tired of looking like everyone else! by Chandler Grosenheider Often times by the fourth quarter of school, students find themselves drowning in pressure, projects, and procrastination. Without taking a break, it can all drive a person insane. A great way to escape the torment is by watching a movie or listening to some music. Many times forgetting about homework for even a half hour can help relieve the brain. From classic throwbacks to new hits, plenty of music is out there to explore. Just last month many new albums came out, including Migos’ Culture 2 and Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods, with Drake’s God’s Plan topping the charts for February. Senior Caleb Ketelsen says that “Drake’s recent tracks have been pretty hot.” Ketelsen said he is also “hoping for an A$AP Rocky album sometime soon.” Junior Wiar Wia stated that “the Black Panther album is a bop.” Junior Haleigh Allyn is excited for “Post Malone’s album if he ever actually decides to drop it.” Many LCHS teachers also find music to be a great escape from work. Spanish teacher Julie Roy really enjoys “listening to high schoolers perform music at concerts and contests,” along with other various genres of music. Fellow Spanish teacher Jill Bomgaars prefers music from various musicals and is “excited to see more Spanish in future pop music.” Vice-Principal Neal Utesch is a regular consumer of music and a big fan of Eminem, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga. When asked about his musical limits, Utesch stated that he “will listen to anything once” and that he “isn’t concerned about filters.” Along with music, movies are a great way to escape school work. Seniors Elizabeth Ihrke and Diego Gomez are excited to see Black Panther. So far, Black Panther has been setting new box office records with an explosive opening weekend. Other recent releases include The Death Cure, Wonder, Insidious: The Last Key, and Fifty Shades Freed. Sophomore Lauryn Ruhland said, “Wonder was great.” Wiar Wia stated that “The Death Cure was pure garbage.” Wia also said, “I am looking forward to seeing my life as a film. That will be pure garbage as well.” Nowadays, media is just a few clicks away with many options of streaming apps to use. Thousands of movies and TV shows can be found on Netflix and Hulu, each starting at $7.99 a month. Senior Noah Watson prefers Hulu because “it’s got newer movies and Futurama.” Netflix user CadenWashburn prefers the service “because it allows the user to watch shows that weren’t good enough for actual television.” Many different subscriptions for streaming music are also available, offered in both free and paid versions. The main difference between the versions is the ability to choose songs on demand and omit ads. Senior Diego Gomez likes to use Spotify for his music, “because it has almost every song out there and a subscription doesn’t cost very much.” English teacher Sherri Permeswaran also likes Spotify. “I especially enjoy listening while I’m getting ready in the morning or while working on art projects, but I use the free version!” On the other hand, junior Haleigh Allyn prefers Apple Music: “I can see what other people are listening to and share my playlists and songs easily.” If the stress of fourth quarter projects starts becoming overwhelming, try finding some relaxation through movies or music. Students and staff use movies and music to reduce school stress by Morgan Boehme With spring fast approaching, activities are different for many.The warmer weather of spring has many people excited for the upcoming season. Freshman Mya Kibby and teacher Shawn Starr both said, “I enjoy camping.” Guidance counselor Melissa Hill said she enjoys spring because of “the new life, flowers, plants, smells, and the warmth.” “I like working with my dad,” said senior Dylan Kass. Josiah Engebretson said, “I enjoy spring because I get to attend school everyday with my peers.” Freshman Jada Tirre said she enjoys gardening, much like teacher Joel Jentz. Calculus teacher Colleen Bortscheller also likes to get outside during the spring and go biking. Librarian Kathy Dalton enjoys going on walks. Sophomore Kevin Van Otterloo said, “I like spring because there is no snow.” Senior Dakotah Owens said, “I look forward to graduating in the spring.” Students and staff also like to do many activities with their families in the spring. Teacher Kellie Bork likes to golf and cruise around in his car with his wife. Guidance counselor Melissa Hill also stated, “I like to golf and have bonfires with my family.” Freshman Abby Hoss reported, “I like going on walks with my family and going golfing.” Students and staff are excited for many upcoming events in the spring. From graduation, to sports, to simply the weather, many have their excitement focused on spring events that are fast approaching. Spring celebrated in multiple ways by folks at LCHS by Sierra Thompson