March Finished Draft

Page 6 The Dog Pound Wrestlers wrap up season by Stormii Hanno Once again, the Bulldog bowling teams had very successful seasons. The girls completed the regular season undefeated, bringing their streak to 52 wins. Similarly, the guys extended their winning streak to 34. The girls also finished 2nd at the state tournament! For most of the girls on varsity, this year was the last time they will compete at state. Lexi Schroeder was the only underclassman on the girls’ varsity team. Senior team members included Siarah Augustine, Hannah Kliever, Caitlynne Peters, Lexi Schroeder, Brooke Westhoff, Abby Whiddon, and Stephanie Williams. Senior Abby Whiddon stated, “Being with these girls from my freshman to my senior years has been amazing; I’m also proud to say that it is a great experience to get to go to state all four years of high school.” Senior Hannah Kliever said, “For me, this was my first year at state. This was also a great experience because I was able to go to state for my senior year.” Lexi Schroeder said, “I chose to go out for bowling because I’ve been doing it for awhile thanks to Brady (Lexi’s step dad and the owner of the bowling alley). I’d suggest to people to go out for bowling if they can. It’s a great program!” The boys’ varsity team consisted of Riley Augustine, Evan Berkenpas, Kody Koerselman, Brady Paulson, Lane Paulson, Blake Rush, and Trey Whiddon. Both teams were coached by Kelli Bork. Senior Riley Augustine said, “It was a great experience going to state two years in a row.” Kody Koerselman stated, “It was quite the change of having Mr. Bork as the coach this year. He really stepped up and brought the best out of the team.” Spring play to be staged in April by Elizabeth Ihrke Pre-performance rituals calm nerves by Abbie Duhn The 2017-2018 wrestling season has come to an end, finishing with a winning record of 14-10 in duals. Coach Shane Hessenius stated, “The wrestling season went great. I was very happy with the overall work ethic of the team and the directions that we took with regard to culture on our team. The boys were fun to coach, and every kid in the room wanted to get better every day.” This year the team had five seniors: Jordan A. Jensen, Jacob Kellen, Myles Kass, Tyler Lowe, and Chad Zenk. The season went very well, but the wrestlers still had some struggles. Junior Matt Sauer said the hardest part of the wrestling season was “overcoming the hard practices.” Senior Myles Kass said the hardest part for him was “maintaining weight.” Wrestling can be difficult when it comes to staying consistent with weight. Most wrestlers try to workout post season to stay in shape for the next year. Junior Matt Sauer said he “runs” to stay in shape for the next season. Junior Travis Theisen likes to “lift pizza.” Seniors Tyler Lowe and Myles Kass both stated the they lifted weights to help them stay in shape for the next season. The LeMars Invite brought many good memories to the team. It was Travis’s favorite meet because he “got interviewed by KLEM.” The Hinton Duals was another common favorite among the team because it showed how well they work as a team. Junior Robert Sadowski’s enjoyed the Hinton meet because this is where he “wrestled his first ever match and went 2-1 on the day, hopefully starting a great high school career.” Throughout the years, the wrestlers made many memories with each other. They have also came through for each other during hard times. Matt Sauer said, “My favorite memory was when the team bought me shoes after my dad passed away.” Whether it be singing along to a favorite song or eating a whacky combination of food, many students and staff take part in pre-competition rituals to overcome nervousness and build confidence. Junior Olivia McQuillen plays loud music to get hyped up before show choir. Freshman Blake Dirksen said, “Saying the Lord’s Prayer and doing my same stretching routine” is his go- to before wrestling matches. Whether it be football or baseball, Austin Anderson prepares the same: “I take pre-workout, then sit in a corner by myself and talk through what I need to do to help win,” he explained. Freshman Logan Gerdes said, “In football, as a team we all go down to the end- zone and say a prayer with the coaches.” Junior Nic Hand said his go-to routine for wrestling is “listening to rap.” Coach Hessenius explained the wrestling team’s pre-meet plan the day before meets: “We always end the practice with what we call a circle run. This is fun for the wrestlers and gets them a little pumped up. One of the best pre- meet things that happens is coach Jason Weiland gives a “heartfelt” speech, where he may or may not cry.” Springtime is just around the corner, and for a select group of individuals, this means learning new lines and spending a lot of time at the Little Theatre. They are preparing for the spring play, which will be staged April 12, 13, and 14. Several nights a week between March 12 and April 10 from 7 to 9:30, students from all grades will come together to practice and perfect the production. The name of the play this year is Better Football Through High School Chemistry. The show is about three stupid football players with cheerleader girlfriends who become very intelligent after a chemistry experiment gone wrong. The cheerleaders are pleasantly surprised with the change until their boyfriends become people they were not. Erin Ohrlund, the director, is very excited for the spring play. She explains, “I get to see some of the greatest talent in our school [during auditions], and each person makes me appreciate the efforts and attitudes of these busy kids! The play itself is going to be tremendous, and I know the actors will have a marvelous time rehearsing and performing.” Not only is the director excited, but many of her talented performers are also. Actors have their own personal reasons for being a part of such an activity. Members of the cast were asked what excites them about the upcoming play. Freshman Jacob Vasquez said he is excited because, “It’s a fun experience that you can learn from.” Sophomore Hailey Plueger commented, “I’m excited because I had a lot of fun during the fall play.” Junior Abbie Duhn enjoys the play because she “likes being with the cast and the cast party.” Kim Arreola also shows her excitement by saying, “The fall play was very fun, and I have high hopes for this one.” The starved actor Joey DeBoer is looking forward to the play because acting “feeds him.” Olivia McQuillen said she is excited for the play because “[she] was the student director last year and it’s just one of [her] favorite things.” Aly Buhman excitedly says, “I’m excited because I love acting and I love the people I act with. Going through the first rehearsal is like one big family reunion.” Senior Caden Washburn is looking forward to perform with his fellow actors for it “allows [the cast] to make [their] peers laugh.” Another senior, Giselle Sanchez also expresses excitement by saying, “Heck ya I’m excited! It’s so much fun!” Giselle’s classmate Hannah Brennan says she is excited because “it is [her] last play and it is always an exciting experience.” Senior Madi Johnson has great memories of her time as a Thespian at LCHS: “I have loved having the opportunity to grow as an actress with an amazing group of people who have become like family to me.” Hopefully the seniors will enjoy their last time performing amongst the talented LCHS drama department as audience members have enjoyed watching them over the years. Break a leg! Bowling teams finish strongly, set records by Breanna Martin