March Finished Draft

Page 4 The Dog Pound by Anna Ahlrich by Sydney Schurr This year’s boys basketball team had a good season, making it to the second round of district play. The team was hoping to make it all the way, but they had good competition. The team was led by seniors Gabe Eckstaine, JT Engebretson, Logan Lancaster, Will Pottebaum, Dylan Rarrat- Kass, Jack Ruhland, Tyler Szczech, Caden Washburn, and Andrew Waskow; these boys had a great impact on the team for the last four years. The guys were coached by Dave Irwin, Gabe Davis, David DenHerder, and Benji Kasel. Assistant Coach Davis had great things to say about the seniors and all they accomplished: “Having nine seniors out for basketball is a great accomplishment.” He continued, “These men put in lots of time over the last four years and deserve to be recognized for that. Each one of them contributed in a positive manner to the LCHS boys’ basketball program!” The boys have many fun memories. Dylan Rarrat-Kass and Logan Lancaster said their best memory was when they had a slip ‘n’ slide in the locker room. A lot of underclassmen said they definitely will miss watching the seniors out on the court. Will Pottebaum said he will remember “crutching to the bench.” Jack Ruhland said he will remember his pre-game ritual which “is classified.” Many emotions come out at the end of basketball season. Logan Lancaster said, “Everything flies by in sports so it kinda [stinks] having this be my last year.” Deciding what to do after high school can be a tough decision, but Gabe Eckstaine said jokingly he is set on attending Westmar to continue his basketball career. Boys basketball players make an impact The dance team season has come to an end. The 2017/2018 dancers include the following: seniors Regan Albers, Katelyn Lewis, Sydney Louison, Samantha Murra, and Jayden Wiltgen; juniors Kimberly Arreola, Haley Majeres, and Cassidy Pravecek; sophomores Carlie Arens, Hailey Kellen, Jenna Laughton, Isabelle Majeres, and Rachael Minar; and freshmen Hanna Albert, Zoey Campbell, and Anna Sullivan. Junior Haley Majeres was asked if she would be upset about the seniors leaving. Her response was, “Well duh, I will miss them.” Sophomore Isabelle Majeres added, “I am going to miss dancing with my team because I love performing.” Seniors Katelyn Lewis and Regan Albers said they will miss dance team because it is their last season. Many students enjoy watching the dance team at their halftime performances. Sophomores Emily Carlson and Bella Christians both agreed that dance is fun to watch. Staff member Amy Davis agreed: “I love all the girls and I love dance.” Staff member Beth Collins added, “They are great dancers.” The season ends with a dance exhibition, which includes a co-ed dance! Katelyn Lewis is excited because coed is fun. Hannah Albert is excited because it is her first year, but Regan Albers is not excited because boys have cooties. A few of the male dancers seem very confident and are ready to dance. Sophomore Tate Westhoff said, “I’m excited, but I’m nervous. I don’t want to do better than Sydney.” Sophomore Noah Wiltgen said, “I’m excited but I don’t want to make Isabelle look silly.” The dance team works very hard with their season starting late summer and not ending until late spring. The girls are coached by Terri Martin and Sarah Strub. Dance team finishes with exhibition Track season starts by Sydney Schurr Along with many other spring sports, golf seems to be growing at LCHS. The girls team has 19 golfers this year, while the guys have 35. Girls’ coach Dave Irwin reports that the team was able to start practices on Monday, March 12 but did not because the ground was so soggy due to recent snow. Irwin says that he is looking forward to helping the team get better: “There are a bunch of girls that have been out for four years now, and I cannot wait to see what they all have to offer.” Coach Irwin adds, “This year I have put the girls into more eighteen-hole tournaments so they get to enjoy the nice spring weather longer and are able to get more experience out on the course.” The girls have their first meet on April 10 at the Willow Creek Golf Course against Storm Lake and Estherville. Senior Sophie Fedders says, “I cannot wait to start golfing with all my buds and Dave.” Senior Katelyn Raymond agrees: “I am super excited to get back out on the course and hope to improve from last season.” Boys’ coach Steve Wick is also excited about the golf season beginning: “I am looking forward to getting out to the golf course and being able to see what my 35 golfers are capable of doing.” Along with the girls, the boys team also hopes to improve on their skills and compete well in this year’s meets. Coach Wick says that his favorite part about being a coach is “working with the boys in improving their game and giving them an appreciation for the game of golf.” Wick also hopes to “make them life-long lovers of the game.” The boys’ first meet is away on April 5 against Western Christian. The first home meet is the following day against Hinton. Senior Tyson Weiler is excited to “get back in the swing of things ;).” Junior Karson Morehead says he “just can’t wait for the warm weather.” Golfers ready to take the course by Sydney Louison Track season has started, even though it is too cold most days to run outside. This is the last season for a couple years at the Jim Lorenzen field as it will be undergoing construction this summer with a new track and field in 2020. The girls’ track coach is ready for the season to start. Tammy Dunn says, “I think track is the very best way to bring young women together to feel empowered by their abilities. Each day they can push themselves to a new ‘best.’” “They are competing against themselves and others. I’m thankful for the opportunity to help them see their very best.” Haylee Cooper and Johanna Theeler both want to accomplish better times this year than last year and continue to do their best. The boys’ coach, Al Engebretson, is looking forward to the senior boys leading this year’s track team. JT Engebretson plans on doing just that by breaking 50 seconds on his 400. Most students said that one of their favorite meets is Drake (state) which is May 17-19. The season starts in February and ends at the end of May, but most of the runners start preparing themselves before February. For example, Dakotah Owens says she prepares herself with basketball season.