March Finished Draft

Page 2 The Dog Pound Large group speech season ends with all-state performances The large group speech team just finished another very successful season. Large group (LG) speech is an extracurricular activity where students come together to share their desire to act in many different categories and in groups of varying sizes. Over 100 students started in large group last fall, in categories ranging from improvisation, to recorded performances, to mime, to acting in groups big and small. Traveling to Sioux City East in January, 30 LCHS groups competed at the district contest, where 23 groups earned I ratings and 7 groups earned II’s. Two weeks later, LCHS hosted over 80 schools from northwest Iowa for the state contest. LCHS groups garnered 18 I’s and 5 II’s. In addition, 6 groups were named “Outstanding Performers” and honored at the Iowa High School Speech Association’s All-State Festival in Ames. All-state groups include the following: Cinderella group mime with Regan Albers, Sarah Benton, Arianna Grant, Jack Loutsch, and Hailey Plueger; Lumberjack Camp group improv with Morgan Boehme, Kody Koerselman, and Noah Watson; KWXT radio news with Xander Carver, Tucker Heeren, and Kevin VanOtterloo; Illusion short film with Kara Albrecht, Morgan Boehme, Xander Carver, Hailey Kellen, Sally Probst, Halie Schwartz, Caden Washburn, Noah Watson, Wiar Wia and Zach Wingert; and Hello/I Am Africa musical theatre with Kyle Dunn, Devon Feenstra, Dalton Glawe, Keegan Pippett, Max Hardyk, Andrew Tonner, and Caden Washburn; How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying readers’ theatre with Edward Anguiano, Kimberly Arreola, Andrea Barrett, Chloe Evans, Elizabeth Ihrke, Naomi Kinney, Kody Koerselman, Summer LaPato, Faith Laskie, Olivia McQuillen, Sarah Meis, Drake Oswald, Jason Pottebaum, and Caitlin Sudtelgte. Senior Morgan Boehme has been active in LG speech since he was a freshman. He competed in improv, musical theatre, ensemble acting, and short film. What he liked the most about speech was performing with smaller groups as opposed to a big one such as a play. Morgan says that LG speech is different from other activities at school because the students are given so much creative freedom. “You can choose what to do,” he states. Junior Joey DeBoer agrees with Morgan in loving the creativity encouraged by speech coaches. Joey, who has been in LG for three years, reports, “Large group is better than other activities because it’s a lot more energetic and exciting because nobody knows what schools everyone else is from.” “Everyone in speech is your friend.... You are...competing with yourself.” KK Senior Kody Koerselman has participated in readers’ theatre and group improvisation. His favorite thing about LG is that the comradery among all speech participants is unlike any other activity. Kody says, “Everyone in speech is your friend. There is no ‘real’ competition. You are really only competing with yourself. Kody continues, “People from all schools cheer for people from others. Ever heard of Heelan cheering for us in football? It happens in speech.” Kody thinks that people should try out for LG because the speech and drama program is “the greatest thing LCHS has to offer!” Freshman Sophie Bixenman says that her favorite thing about LG is the opportunity to work with friends and meet new people. She says, “It has more options than other school activities. You can choose if you want to be in a group or not. People should try out because it is fun and you get to hang out more with your friends or peers.” Sophomore Haley Plueger has been involved in speech for two years. She says, “Everyone is always very involved and dedicated.” Her favorite thing about it is watching everybody perform and act differently than how they normally do. “Mrs. P and Mr. S are THE BEST! We coaches love working with motivated, energetic students who constantly strive for improvement. Speech at LCHS is truly fantastic!” states Coach Erin Ohrlund. “Our students practiced individually and rehearsed many hours together to prepare their contest pieces, and then they put in several additional hours setting up, working at, and tearing down our contest site. “We coaches (Erin Ohrlund, Sherri Permeswaran, and Shawn Starr) are pleased by our students’ effort and growth this year as performers, and we are especially grateful that the most frequently heard statement from our students is, ‘What can I do next?’ Their drive to improve led to a very successful [season.]” This was junior Keegan Pippett’s first year in LG, and he made it to All-State. He says, “I love the final product. The hard work really pays off. Speech is not much physical activity; it is more about development of your character, or another character for that matter.” Large group speech is a great way to meet new people as well as express creativity. Senior Elizabeth Ihrke exclaims,”In the craziness of winter activities, many forget to try out for LG. So mark next year’s calendars to sign up for it!” by April Vasquez