December 2017 Finished

Page 5 The Dog Pound The boys and girls cross country teams had successful seasons in 2017. Coach Al Engebretson, the boy cross country coach, had 28 boys running. Throughout their season they had many victories from both varsity and junior varsity. Coach Engebretson said, “It was a great season and great group of guys to work with! We had five all-conference runners, and for the first time ever, we are Lakes Conference Team Champions. The boys came to practice every day with a great attitude. It was rare for me to hear them complaining about the hard work I asked them to do.” This was one of the best years in Bulldog cross country history, with more wins than all previous years. Coach Adam Moss, the girls cross country coach, had 20 girls running this season. Coach Moss said, “It hasn’t gotten much better in the history of the Le Mars girls’ cross country program. The girls can always be proud of being part of this team that accomplished so much. Our theme this year was “Family on a Mission.” They displayed love and commitment for each other throughout the highs and lows of the season. I’m very proud of the girls individually, and as a team.” Both the boys and the girls teams placed fifth at districts. Junior Madeline Hurt and sophomores Kara Albrecht and Chloe Calhoun all qualified as individuals for the state meet. Maddie placed fifth, Kara placed ninth, and Chloe placed 15th at districts. At the state meet, Madeline Hurt ran a time of 19:56 and placed 37th, Chloe Calhoun placed 51st with a time of 20:12, and Kara Albrecht placed 58th with a time of 20:18. Letter winners were Kara Albrecht, Chloe Calhoun, Scott Ferguson, Hanna Franken-Small, Eric Grasz, Tucker Heeren, Kyle Herbst, Jessica Hinds, Ethan Hulinsky, Madeline Hurt, Alaina Kessenich, Natalia Kuiken, Isaac Lerdal, Maddy Mahan, Katie McAllister, Caroline Meis, Sarah Meis, Landen Parmelee, Alec Rieken, Kyle Schallau, Halie Schwartz, Luke Skov, Jason Sudtelgte, Andrew Tonner, Paige Washburn, Andrew Waskow, Jayden Weiler, and Stephanie Williams. The following awards were presented to the guys: All-Lakes Conference: Ethan Hulinsky, Landen Parmelee, Jason Sudtelgte, Andrew Tonner, and Alec Rieken; Academic All-Conference: Matt Langel, Kyle Schallau; Academic All-Conference Honorable Mention: Andrew Waskow; MVP: Landen Parmelee; Outstanding Runner Awards: Ethan Hulinsky, Alec Rieken, Jason Sudtelgte, Andrew Tonner; Iron Man Awards (battled through injury or illness): Scott Ferguson, Ethan Hulinsky, Noah Krommenhoek, Matt Langel, Isaac Lerdal, Jason Sudtelgte; Fantastic Freshman Awards: Ethan Hulinsky, Jason Sudtelgte; Super Sophomore Awards: Scott Ferguson, Kyle Herbst, Luke Skov; Senior All-Star Meet Participants: Alec Rieken, Andrew Tonner; Greatest Manager Award: Kaylee Renken. Awards for girls include these: Academic All-Conference: Alaina Kessenich, Natalia Kuiken, Katie McAllister, Halie Schwartz, JaydenWeiler. Academic All-Conference Honorable Mention: Stephanie Williams; Bulldog JV MVP (underclassmen): Jessica Hinds, Hailey Plueger; Energizer: Hailey Plueger; Leader: Chloe Calhoun, Katie McAllister; Encourager: Hanna Franken-Small; Tough Dog: Kara Albrecht; Marathoner (most summer miles with 322): Chloe Calhoun; Most Improved: Emma Michaels, Mitzully Morales. Coach Moss said the girls ran many miles over the spring, summer, and fall to get ready for their cross country season. The girls’ practices were usually very standard. “Our pre-meet days are usually the same. An “easy-pace” run of 30-45 minutes, followed by hurdle exercises for hip mobility and strength, along with additional core exercises. We also did form running drills and strides. Practices varied depending on the day and when meets were scheduled. According to Coach Engebretson, the practices for boys mostly consisted of running and stretching, as well as exercises to strengthen their core. The boys would do both static and dynamic stretching to help eliminate injuries and increase their range of motion. Coach Moss feels the girls did not necessarily have any rivals, but instead teams that pushed them to become better and work harder. On the other hand, Coach Engebretson said that the boys’ rival was themselves as he added, “You have to be mentally strong to compete in the grueling sport of cross country. There is a daily battle going on in the mind of each I give in to the pain and walk or do I push through it and get stronger? Only when we win that battle can we truly reach our potential.” The cross country participants enjoyed the season. Senior Jordan Jensen loved the pasta feeds and thought the team was pretty solid. “It’s been a great season. I feel it was the best cross country season ever in LCHS history. Go, Dogs!” says senior Alec Reken. Senior Andrew Tonner says, “I felt like it was the best season we’ve ever had since I’ve started. We have a lot of young talented runners, so when I graduate, the torch is going to be passed on.” Senior Kyle Schallau liked getting out of school for meets. He also felt like the team had a strong work ethic and felt like it was a very successful season. Sophomore Katelyn McShane and junior Madeline Hurt both agree that the girls’ season went really well. “I love playing games on the bus, listening to music and talking to all the girls before each of the meets,” said freshman Caroline Meis. Senior Maddy Mahan said, “It was one of my favs.” Cross country teams enjoy season of successes by Grace Lamoreux “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” -Mark Twain The Bulldog football team held its awards banquet in November, wrapping up a tough 2-8 season. Head coach Gabe Tardive was in his sixth year coaching at Le Mars. Friday night was the night every football player looked forward to. The team consisted of 75 players, with seniors Ote Albrecht, Justin Allaway, Abdu Cruz, Gabe Eckstaine, Cody Frank, Michael Johnson, Riley Kluver, Jeff Lamp, Jack Loutsch, Wylie Ludwigs, Trevor Renken, Jack Ruhland, Brendon Sitzmann, Zach Spieler, Caden Washburn, and Tyson Weiler. Sophomore Brenick Hoppe stated, “I am out for football because ever since I’ve known what football was I wanted to play. I want to hit people; it’s that simple. Winning is beyond explanation because it’s the feeling that you and all your teammates worked harder than the other team.” Senior Zach Spieler said, “I go out for football because it helps me stay in shape. The thing I find fun about football is you can physically hurt someone without getting into trouble. Winning is awesome. It gives the team a great feeling of pride, especially when the student section is cheering loudly for us.” The awards banquet was held November 12. Bulldog Awards were presented to the following guys who had been out for football for four years: Ote Albrecht, Justin Allaway, Gabe Eckstaine, Cody Frank, Michael Johnson, Riley Kluver, Jeff Lamp, Jack Loutsch, Wylie Ludwigs, Trevor Renken, Jack Ruhland, Zach Spieler, Caden Washburn, and Tyson Weiler. First Team All-District Awards went to Ote Albrecht, Cody Frank, Wylie Ludwigs, Trevor Renken, Aisea Toki, Ben Wadle, Caden Washburn, and Tyson Weiler. Academic All-District Awards were earned by the following seniors: Ote Albrecht, Jack Loutsch, Trevor Renken, Jack Ruhland, Zach Spieler, Caden Washburn, and Tyson Weiler. Gabe Eckstaine earned an Honorable Mention Academic All-District Award. Football players awarded at banquet by Hannah Kliever