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Le Mars Community School District Mission

 The mission of the Le Mars Community School District is to guide every student in achieving the highest possible education by teaching the basic skills, developing good character, and promoting life-long learning, all through an aggressive partnership with students, families, school, and community.

 Education Service Center 
940 Lincoln St SW 
Phone:712.546.4155 Fax:712.546.5934

Dr. Todd Wendt
Asst. Superintendent: Dr. Steve Webner
Business Manager: Sandy Downing
Media/Tech Director: Bruce Ludwig
Technician Specialist: Mark Walz
Media Specialist: Arlene Urban

 High School
921 3rd Ave SW
Phone:712.546.4153  Fax:712.546.9581

Principal:  Dr. Mark Iverson     
Assistant Principal: Neal Utesch
Athletic Director:   Karlton Hector

Middle School 
977 3rd Ave SW
Phone:712.546.7022 Fax: 712.546.7024

Principal:  Steve Shanks     
Assistant Principal/AD:
 Karlton Hector

Clark Elementary
201 2nd Ave NW
Ph: 712.546.8121 Fax: 712.546.8122
Principal: Patti Kruger

Franklin Elementary
400 3rd Ave. SE 
Ph:712.546.4185 Fax: 712.546.4186

Principal: Patti Kruger

Kluckhohn Elementary
1338 Central Ave. SE
Ph: 712.546.7064 Fax:712.546.7069

Principal: Scott Parry