COVID-19 Closure


COVID Protocol:

Students and staff testing positive for COVID-19, or having symptoms (regardless of vaccination status):

a.  Stay home for 5 days(previously 10 days). If there were no symptoms, use the test date as day 0.

b. If you have no symptoms or your symptoms are resolving after 5 days, you may return to school.

c. CDC recommends wearing of a mask for days 6 through 10 if no longer isolating to minimize infecting others.

Students and staff that are exposed to COVID should be isolated only if they are having symptoms or test positive themselves. If they become symptomatic, they should be home and consider getting tested.

Please contact your building principal with any questions you may have.

Elementary Regular Learning Plan (English)(Spanish)

Middle School Regular Learning Plan (English)(Spanish)

High School Regular Learning Plan 2021-22 (English)(Spanish)

At any point in time, the Le Mars Community School District may be required to move to either a hybrid or remote learning plan.
Please be prepared by setting up child care options in advance.  You may access each plan below.

Elementary Hybrid Learning Plan (English)(Spanish)

Elementary Remote Learning Plan (English)(Spanish)

Middle School Hybrid Learning Plan (English)(Spanish)

Middle School Remote Learning Plan (English)(Spanish)
Edmentum Remote Learning

High School Hybrid Learning Plan (English)(Spanish)

High School Remote Learning Plan (English)(Spanish)
Edmentum Remote Learning