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Health Services Policy

When To Keep Kids Home 

Do not send them to school if they have:

  1. A fever at 100.0 degrees or higher (Child must be fever-free for 24 hours without any fever-reducing medication)
  2. Thrown up or had diarrhea in the last 24 hours
  3. A rash until the cause is known and for as long as it is contagious
  4. Questionable or undiagnosed “Pink eye” – until the doctor permits attendance
  5. Other untreated illnesses such as head lice, parasites, strep throat etc.

Note: If your child has a communicable illness such as the strep throat, pink eye, head lice, influenza, or fifth’s disease, we ask that you report it to the school office.



High/Middle School Nurse

Dona Lias

Elementary Nurse

Jolynn Sitzmann

Immunization Requirements

All students entering Preschool and Kindergarten must be up-to-date on their immunizations prior to attending the first day of school. Kindergartens will need their Kindergarten Boosters.

All students entering 7th grade must provide proof of a T-dap booster and meningococcal vaccine before the start of the school year.

All students entering 12th grade must provide proof of a meningococcal vaccine before the start of the school year. If your student has had a meningococcal vaccination BEFORE the age of 16, a second meningococcal vaccination is required by law.

Vision Requirements

All student entering kindergarten and 3rd Grade are required to have a visio screening prior to the first day of school.


Dental Requirements

All students entering kindergarten and 9th grade must provide proof of a dental screening completed before the start of the school year.

Welcome to Health Services

LeMars School District’s Health Services Department is strongly committed to student health and well-being. A child who is not healthy is unlikely to be alert, attentive, and ready to learn (NASN, 2002). A comprehensive school health program promotes student success.

LeMars School District has the equivalent of 2 full-time school nurses who provide nursing services in all of our elementary and secondary schools. The School Nurse serves as the health professional for the school community and provides a variety of services that support student learning.

Our Comprehensive School Health Program includes school health services, health education, and health promotion:


School Health Services

  1. Preventative and early identification services including screening programs for vision and hearing
  2. Emergency care for illness and injuries, and referral
  3. Management of acute and chronic health conditions
  4. Medication administration and monitoring
  5. Management and monitoring of communicable diseases
  6. Immunization compliance

Health Education

  1. Assistance and support of District Health Curriculum to facilitate student’s development of health knowledge, attitudes, and skills
  2. Health information and referral resource support for school staff Health Promotion
  3. Partnering with parents and school community to promote wellness and prevention
  4. Supporting a healthy school environment which includes a safe physical and psychological environment